Our method of teaching tango is created and developed by Raquel Greenberg, director of the academy. Her method is the outcome of over 20 years teaching experience first in Ballroom and Latin dances and than Argentine Tango, all over the world. Her rich background of different dance disciplines is folded into her method. Clear communication, Body movement analysis, breaking down each move, preparing the body with individual exercises to execute with ease complex moves is the highlight of her teaching method which position our academy as best in the UK (recently Latin UK award winner).

Important to mention that our method stick to the authentic Argentine Tango as danced and taught in Buenos Aires and is nourished and enriched by the most marking maestros of the Tango with whom Raquel studied and danced. Our method is also aimed to teach you Argentine Tango Culture (music focus for example) as a whole so you get a better understanding of this magical dance. Read more about Raquel.

All our teachers are trained with Raquel and follow her designed teaching method. Our guest teachers are carefully chosen to match with our highest standards of teaching.

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This is a general guide for those students new to our academy.

Once we’ve met you, we’ll guide you personally as to the suitable level to optimize your progress.

Regardless of which group lesson level is suitable for you, we advise you to take complementary private tango lessons where you get personal full attention to your particular needs. More information on Private Tango Classes.

If you have any enquiry about which level to attend, please feel free to contact us

BEGINNERS TANGO 1: (your first 8 lessons)

Very first steps of Argentine Tango are taught as well as basic concepts and patterns. Start from scratch and we will put you on the right track. Acquiring a solid foundation is essential for your progress.

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You have completed level 1 and ready to move to the next stage where you will learn how to connect all the elements you have learned into a fluid dance. We recommend to stay in this level for at least 3 months and complement with technique classes and the beginners level 1 classes to consolidate your foundation.

IMPROVERS TANGO: (3 months – 1 year)

As your technique improves, you have acquired basic vocabulary and a solid foundation of the fundamentals of tango, you feel more confident and comfortable with leading/following concepts improves, you can move on to this level.

Usually you have been dancing for at months and will stay in this level for another 6 months.

At this level it is recommendable to take additional technique classes and start exploring our thematic workshops.

INTERMEDIATES TANGO: (minimum experience – 1 intensive year):

You have been taking consistent classes and dancing in milongas for a year. In this level we move on to more advanced concepts and figures. Class is more fast paced and less time is dedicated to the basic fundamentals. We will also work on developing your musicality interpretation.

At this level it is recommendable to take additional technique classes and attend our thematic workshops.

ADVANCED TANGO: (minimum experience – 2 intensive year):

You’ve been dancing intensively for several years and you are aiming to refine your skills and go to a deeper level, pushing the boundaries, learning complex figures and moves which requires domination of higher technique standard and Lead/follow concepts.

At this level it is recommendable to take additional technique classes and attend our thematic workshops.

MILONGA BEGINNER: (your first 8 Milonga lessons)

Introduction of the fundamentals of the energetic and cheerful Milonga dance style and its differences from Tango – basic rhythmical patterns, lead/follow concepts, dancing on the single beat with very basic double time (traspié).

This class is recommendable for anyone who is improvers level and up.


Developing the control of the traspié (double time) both technique and lead/follow concept. Introduction more complex figures steps and decorations which are specially designed for the Milonga style. Developing a sense of musicality and interpretation.

We advise to complement with Milonga Beginner to consolidate your technique and musicality.


If you wish to progress faster this is the ideal complimentary for your regular Tango and Milonga classes to boost your Tango skills.

Our Technique classes, popular all over the world, covers all the aspects of the Tango dance. We propose mixed technique classes (for both leaders and followers) and more particular designed classes for Followers (Ladies Tango Technique) and for Leaders.

Classes are composed by individual exercise specially designed to raise the awareness level towards your own body and based on our special knowhow in Anatomy and Physiology and our ability to analyze the biomechanics of a movement. In each class we varies the exercises to provide you with the music and work on different aspects of the tango technique .

We highly recommend taking Technique classes no matter in which level you are. These are essential for your progress in Tango and even when you reach a professional level they are still necessary.