Special Workshops



JANUARY 18th and 25th / 12:30-14:30
Feminine Secrets
Sensuality, presence, expression
Tango Vals and Milonga

~Use your legs and floor, not your partner
~Dance with expression and presence
~Get control over your balance and posture
~Stylish your footwork
~Introduce Musicality in your dance
~Speed of legs
~Slow and fluid moves
~Sensual and Feminine Tango Secrets

Raquel Ladies Techique-page-001

£25 for one workshop

OASIS SPORTS CENTER – 32 Endell street WC2H 9AG

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JUNE Saturday 15th + Sunday 16th/ The Tango Challenge / Experiment Choreographic routines with RAQUEL

*build up good posture, strengthen your control of balance
*reinforce your technique
*develop your sense of musicality
*acquire new exciting figures to play with
*develop better communication with your partner/lead-follow
*develop awareness to navigation in space
***Learn an exciting routine – it is challenging but lots of fun and great workout.

JUNE 15th / 12:30-14:30 at Oasis , 32 Endell street WC2H 9AG



A unique workshop to reinforce you Technique but also develop a sensitive leading through understanding the follower role.

How to make her do what you lead;
How to make her feel comfortable within the embrace;
How to make her feel awesome and not getting bored, making her dance to the music;
How to identify and create a window of opportunity for her and for you to decorate and do it with grace and sense of musicality;

Technique will cover the major topics:
The Walk, The posture, the elegance, the control of balance, the ochos, the giros (for men – enrosques, lapis) the boleos, the footwork, the circular moves.

Musicality – we will put focus on: “the Pausa” and the Rhythmic tangos/”double time” and use of syncope. The goal will be to give your dance the famous “Cadencia” – make your dance more connected to the music you dance to and spice it up.

Open level

Saturday December 12th/ 3-5pm

£20 per session

YMCA – 112 Great Russell street WC1B 3NQ


Training Tango Salon.001-001Teachers – Raquel Greenberg & Hernan Brusa


Intermediate-Advanced level

Want to focus on your development and reach your full potential? If answer is yes, this is the course for you. Whether your goal is to take part at any of the official Tango Championship or you simply want to improve the quality of your dance and take care of the details, get rid of bad habits, this is the class for you.

Designed Tutors training for the Official Tango Championship held in Europe, UK and Buenos Aires. Carefully structured and focussed tutorials that will help you develop your dance by working on the 5 KEY ELEMENTS of TANGO SALON:
WALKS (Caminatas)
MUSICALITY interpretation
CIRCULATION in the dance floor

These sessions are fantastic not only for participants of competition but for anyone who aims to be a better social dancer.

We are proud to train Andy and Jennifer who reached the Semi Finals of the UK world cup.
Andy Ong: “Thank you Raquel. We couldn’t have gotten to where we were without your guidance and support. As long as we’ve done our teachers and friends proud I think we’ve achieved a great deal this weekend”.
Jennifer Tracey: “Huge thanks Raquel. Your input and support was invaluable. Very much appreciated. We’ve come a long a way…”

JANUARY-FEBRUARY Thursdays/ 7-8:30pm

£15 per session, drop in, no need for partner unless you would like to train with someone in particular

The Crypt, Clerkenwell close, London EC1R 0EA
Farringdon tube

*It is recommendable to take a complementary package of private lessons and increase your chance to win on top of the general tutors.


_F2F2425 - Version 2

Complete seminar for Followers – a real treat for your body and mind! We will go through various building up topics:

*Get to know better your body, sensations – hips, feet: toe-heel dialogue and connection with floor, your upper body: the arms the shoulder blades the back, your neck,

*How to be in the moment, to develop the best connection for better following, adapt the embrace.

*How to deal with change of direction – the leg projection, the pivot

*Footwork Styling

*Ganchos and Boleos with zero effort

First session for all Levels, also for beginners-improvers
Second session for intermediate plus level (recommended to do all seminar as building up the information).

Sunday Nov 30th 1-4pm
*there will be a short break in the middle (at 2:30pm)

La Fitness Marylebone, 7 Balcombe street NW1 6NA

£25 for all 3 hours
£15 for half session


Image 8

A chance to taste and experience stage dance

We prepare a fascinating student performance for our end of the year ball Dec 20th

This training is proposed to anyone (intermediate to advanced level) who wish to experiment the art of stage/performance dance.

During the course you will learn 2 routines: One Tango song, One Milonga Song

When and where
During our WEDNESDAY weekly sessions we will learn sequences and routines that eventually will be composing our full choreography. Complementary sessions and more intense rehearsals will be held on WEEKENDS.

WEDNESDAYS 19:30-21:30
ISTD studios, 346 Old Street EC1V 9NQ

WEEKEND sessions and practice rehearsal
SUNDAY Oct 26th 3-5pm Central YMCA Club, 112 Great Russell street, London WC1B 3NQ
SATURDAY Nov 1st 1-6pm Shoreditch Town Hall
SATURDAY Nov 15th 3-5pm Central YMCA Club
SATURDAY Nov 29th 3-5pm Central YMCA Club
SATURDAY Dec 6th 2-4pm Central YMCA Club
SUNDAY Dec 7th 4:30-6:30pm Central YMCA Club
SATURDAY Dec 13th 3-7pm Central YMCA Club
SUNDAY Dec 14th 1-5pm Central YMCA Club


Things to bear in mind
*Even if you do not wish to perform you can follow this course as training and experiment for your self challenging you Tango skills.

For the performance we need to form partnerships. When subscribing please mention if you managed to arrange and find a partner or else we can help to match you with one.

It is highly recommended to follow all the sessions dedicated to the performing group.
We will try to help you catch up if you have to miss few sessions but please remember you have to commit to the course and the group to reach the best results.

*Why it is exciting to join this training
Great corporal training, improvement of core strength and posture, balance control, attitude, confidence, expression, develop musicality, decorations, improve lead and follow dialogue.

Wednesday Sessions – £15
Weekend sessions – £20

LADIES TECHNIQUE COURSE & 23/10/2014, 30/10/2014, 06/11/2014 8:30-9:30pm

Ladies Oct 2014.001-001
Ladies Technique 3 weeks course
with Raquel Greeneberg
Open for all levels and for leaders

THURSDAYS Oct 23rd, 30th, Nov 6th / 8:30-9:30pm
We will work on:

*Stylish footwork
*Standing leg – free leg to express the musicality
*How to accommodate and adapt your embrace to allow comfort and readiness
*The activeness in following – be present and share
*Musicality in embelishments

£12 per session or £30 for all sessions

StageWorks, Europa House, 13-17 Ironmonger Row, London EC1V 3QG

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1-2:30pm – Milonga workshops + Milonga choreographed routine

2:30-4pm – Tango Choreographed routine

4-6pm – Guided Practica

Enjoy the beautiful space and dance floor and get advice from the professionals. We will dance with you, help you out and give you tips. Of course you can freely come and practice your tango.
Music selection by Raquel, no cortinas.


£15 each Workshop including practica
£25 both Workshops including practica
£5 Only Practica

Pay at the door, drop in

Shoreditch Town Hall, 380 Old street, London EC1V 9LT

EZEQUIEL FARFARO & RAQUEL GREENBERG – 23/09/2014 – 03/10/2014

Ezequiel Raquel
We are thrilled to welcome back due to popular demand Ezequiel Farfaro – one of the top of the line tango artist who visited us in August and shared with us sublime tango moments. His knowledge, communication skills and great generosity make the classes with him a unique experience by all means. We will be teaching together our regular weekly sessions and special workshops on the weekend. Please join us for some unforgettable days.

Special Workshops 27-28 SEP
Advanced Booking

SATURDAY September 27th 3-5pm (Int-adv level)
Sacadas Fiesta – all types and combinations with ease, comfort and musicality

SUNDAY September 28th 3-6pm (Int-adv level)
3-4:30pm Giros Ezequiel style
4:30pm-6pm Change of directions (alteraciones) – a fun tool for your improvisation


YMCA Central | 112 Great Russell St | London WC1B 3NQ

3 min walk from Tottenham court road tube station

Google Map

Saturday £25
Sunday £20 each workshop


Six Regular classes at Raquel Greenberg Tango Academy
September 23-24-25
September 30, October 1-2

DROP IN Covering variety of topics

TUESDAY – Milonga class @La fitness Marylebone 8:15-9:45pm
7 Balcombe street London NW1 6NA

WEDNESDAY – Tango advanced level @ISTD 7:30-9:30pm
346 old street London EC1V 9NQ

THURSDAY – Tango intermediate level @Shoreditch Town Hall 7:30-9pm
380 old street London EC1V 9LT

£15 each class for RG tango academy regular students
£18 each class for non RG

Additional appearances:

Tango on the Thames – Sep 28th class at 12:00
FFS – Fleet – Sep 26th – workshop and dancing from 7pm

Ladies September.001-001 jpg

RG Tango Academy presents THE LADY IN TANGO – Special dedicated space for the Ladies in Tango by TWO experienced dancers and teachers.

Our September meetings will be spiced up with the presence of Natasha Lewinger.

Ladies Technique with Natasha Lewinger
Technique and ornaments ;Breaking down the posture; tips for the embrace; The active walk; sensual ochos with ornaments backward and forwards and develop agility for special ornaments in rebounds.

Ladies leading with Raquel & Natasha
The giro Milonguero, the management of close embrace; Useful rebounds for the dance floor and much more…..


YMCA Central | 112 Great Russell St | London WC1B 3NQ

3 min walk from Tottenham court road tube station

Google Map

£25 each day or £40 for both dates


EZEQUIEL FARFARO & RAQUEL GREENBERG – 19/08/2014 – 25/08/2014

Ladies September.001-001 jpgWe are delighted to have another Tango Star with us for only one week. EZEQUIEL, multifaceted dancer, his dancing is so versatile, super creative and effortless, incorporating all styles in one of his own, always with lots of grace and natural elegance. Ezequiel is considered as one of the most talented dancers of this time.

With vast international career touring the world appearing in the most well known Tango Festivals worldwide, Ezequiel partnered some of the leading female tango dancers such as Milena Plebs and Eugenia Parilla. Relaxed way of teaching to reach a harmonized effortless body movement.

Here is the full exciting program, please book in advance:

*TUESDAY Aug 19th @RADA Studios
Milonga intense, Farfaro Style
Ezquiel super musicality and his cool interpretation of the milonga style.

7:30-8:30pm improver level
8:30-10pm intermediate – advanced level

Rada Studios | 16 Chenies street London WC1E 7EX

WEDNESDAY Aug 20st @ the DOME
7:30-9pm class before the milonga

*THURSDAY Aug 21st @LA fitness Marylebone
8-10pm All about the Boleo and the Gancho
How to lead and follow with zero effort, produce elastic move with no stress, perform with musicality, cool combinations.

LA Fitness studio | 7 Balcombe St. London NW1 6NA3 min walk from Baker street or Marylebone tube station

SATURDAY Aug 23rd @ The Light Temple
5-7pm arm plays – moves and figures changing the embrace form without breaking the fluidity and the elegance.
7:30-9:30pm classes before the milonga

Austin street Shoreditch London E27NT

SUNDAY Aug 24th @ ISTD2
2-3:45pm – Sacadas party – linear, circular, back sacadas at zero risk and fluidity for leader and follower
4:15-6:00pm – Leg wraps and traps and combinations of elements in a sequence

ISTD studios 346 Old street London EC1V 9NQ

MONDAY Aug 25th Performance at Royal Festival Hall @Clore ballroom
11am – 2pm Privates/Semi-privates available
5:30pm – performance

TUESDAY £15 first workshop, £20 second workshop, £30 both
SUNDAY £25 each workshop

Special package price for all 5 workshops: £110 (advanced payment only, including both milonga workshops)

*RG regular students pay only £15 for Tuesday and Thursday sessions.

Please book here or contact: info@raquel-tango.com

Workshop with Ezequiel Farfaro


DIEGO RIEMER & RAQUEL GREENBERG – 26/06/2014 – 29/06/2014

news26Our First class guest teacher charismatic Diego will team up with me to for a Tango-Vals-Milonga booster weekend at our academy.

As always we are carefully planning the content of our workshops to present you a variety of flavors, colors and layers of our Tango. Our guidelines are based on aesthetic and elegance dance with strong connection to the Music and musicality.

Booking is now open!

Looking forward to seeing you and share with you more wonderful moments with Style and Fun,

D&R The “Dream Team” (as Mr. D. Goodall named us:)


THURSDAY June 26th 8-9:45pm
8:00-8:45pm SPECIAL DIEGO – MEN TECHNIQUE: Posture, tips to improve the control of balance, pivot and circular movements, footwork.

RAQUEL – LADIES TECHNIQUE: leg projection, balance control, design the music with the free leg, spirality in circular moves.

8:45-9:45pm Technique in couple – establish a good connection, lead and follow of chest and back, how to manage the transition between close and open embrace during the dance.

Open Level

LA Fitness studio | 7 Balcombe St. London NW1 6NA3 min walk from Baker street or Marylebone tube station

SATURDAY June 28th, 1:30-4:45pm
1:30-3:00pm TANGO VALS – musicality focus and fun combinations suitable for the flow of the Vals.
Intermediate – Advanced level

3:15-4:45pm – TANGO “al REVERS” (back’s woman to man)
Intermediate – Advanced level

ISTD studios, 346 Old street, London EC1R 4TN

SUNDAY June 29th, 1:30-6:30pm
1:30-3:00pm – GIROS FOREVER – technique and tools for dynamic synchronized giros and combination of elements in giros (sacada, lapiz, enrosque, desenrosque)
Intermediate – Advanced level

3:15-4:45pm – MILONGA extravaganza – rythm, emblishments for men and for lady, traspié
Intermediate – Advanced level

5:00-6:30pm – LEG WRAPS and GANCHOS All about CIRCULAR BOLEOS Advanced level

ISTD studios, 346 Old street, London EC1R 4TN

Individual registration:

One workshop – £25
Package of 3 workshops – £65
Package of 4 workshops – £90
Package of 5 workshops – £110
Package of 6 workshops – £120

Registration in couple:

One workshop – £45 for couple
Package of 3 workshops – £125
Package of 4 workshops – £170
Package of 5 workshops – £200
Package of 6 workshops – £220

THURSDAY June 26th

£15 for *RG Tango Academy students (*attending regular Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday classes).


To book/pay Please contact: info@raquel-tango.com

FOLKLORE COURSE WITH LOS OCAMPO – 03/07 and 10/07/2014

news25We are proud and honored to introduce for the first time in London a unique intensive Folklore course with the authentic experts in the field Monica & Omar “Los Ocampo”.


July 3rd, 8-10pm
July 10th 8-10pm


CHACARERA simple, doble, gato, escondido, bailecito – a rainbow of Argentinean folklore dancing.
***Styling and Rhythm within the basic choreography of the chacarera
***”zapateo” for men
***Ladies styling – how to improvise, arm styling,
Ladies – you should come with comfortable soft practice shoes (no heels) and skirts (preferably with lots of fabric, not tight). Special ZAMBA Argentina – first time in London! Learn the most sensual moving delicate folklore dance.


£25 for each session
£40 for 2 sessions paid in advance
£60 for all 3 sessions paid in advance


June 14th
Bloomsbury Fitness & Wellbeing Centre
Mecklenburgh Place | Bloomsbury
London WC1N 2AY
(Russel Square tube station)

July 3rd, 10th
La Fitness Maryelbone, 7 Balcombe street
London NW1 6NA

Read more about Monica and Omar:

Advanced Registration:

info@raquel-tango.com // 07552448543


LADIES TECHNIQUE – 21/06/2014, 05/07/2014 and 19/07/2014


June 21st 2-4pm

Bloomsbury Fitness & Wellbeing Centre
Mecklenburgh Place | Bloomsbury
London WC1N 2AY (Russel Square tube station)

£20 for workshop

July 5th, 19th 2:30-4pm

ISTD Studios 346 Old street, London EC1R 4TN

*Lady Leaders course will take place just before these sessions as a special edition of “The Lady in Tango – enlightenments and insights”

£20 for workshop or £30 for Lady Leaders + Ladies Technique – 3 hours session.

Additional information: Click Here

LADY LEADERS COURSE – 05/07/2014 and 19/07/2014

news23It’s Leading Time! Lady Leaders course is Back!
Experiment the other role to empower your dance

JULY 5th, 19th


The only place where you can learn solid leading skills for Ladies to boost your enjoyment on the dance floor and to open your eyes reflecting your dance as a follower. It is recommendable to do all or most sessions as we progress.

For experienced followers only!




Ladies Technique involving drills in couple with a zest of leading
Boleo, Giro, Use of floor, Musicality and some embellishments

Pre-registration – £30 for both session (5th and 19th)
At the door – £20 for one session
£30 for all 3 hours
(we will have a short break in between with nibbles and fruits)
Bring Flat shoes (ballerina style for example or practice shoes) and put your high heels too.

ISTD Studios 346 Old street, London EC1R 4TN

Join our Tango Lady Leader Facebook group:


This women’s only course, offers a better understanding of each role by introducing leader skills to the intermediate/advanced follower.
We will cover connection, embrace, musicality, and basic movements and technique (i.e. walking, ochos, giros) and than at a later stage some Milonga.

Reasons to join this course:

If you are a follower and you are keen to learn how to lead (you must be an intermediate/advanced follower)

Developing a better understanding of the Lead and Follow mechanism comunication in Tango, empower your dance and making you more confident dancer.

Knowing what you need to do in order to lead, you may also reflect on what you need to do to properly in the follower role.

The workshop learning environment is only open to women so that no need to deal with male mentalities, physique, and/or untrained following. It is an all-women’s class, not a lesbian tango class, and all sexual orientations are welcome.

The workshops will include ongoing discussions regarding empowerment of the dancer, strategies to enjoying a tango event, and the expression of art and music from another view.


Raquel Greenberg – 22 years teaching experience of couple dancing (16 Tango), teaching by herself both roles in Tango for at least 8 years, dancing and teaching with top of the line different styles male tango dancers. Precise analyse of body movement and indications, as well as personal insights from own experience are guaranteed