We are committed to invite to our academy the Top of the line worldwide renowned Maestros and Dancers to expand and boost your Tango journey experience right from its source, without having to travel all the way to Buenos Aires.

Julio learned his first tango steps from his father, the legendery Miguel Balmaceda, and for many years he accompanied and assisted him in tango practices. After his father’s death in 1991, Julio took over the classes at the most prestigious tango schools in Bs. As.: “Canning”, “Grisel”, “El Parakultural”, “Almagro, and “La… Read More

Charm, Elegance, Style and best teaching skills ever!

Esteban Moreno is a dancer with great stage presence, as well as globally recognized teacher and choreographer. As he follows the tradition of Argentine tango, he is innovator exploring new possibilities in the art of tango. For the 20 years he has been dancing… Read More

Charm, Charisma, Style and Sense of Humor!

Diego “El Pájaro” Riemer , multifaceted artist in dance, music, design and advertising, takes up tango in Buenos Aires, his hometown, where he is formed with the maestro Tito Molinari and learns from the “old” dancers and milongueros. He thereafter perfects his technique with several… Read More

Pablo Veron is the creator of a unique style of tango that has won him the respect and admiration of tango dancers worldwide. Graceful and precise with a strong dynamic energy, he is recognized for being instrumental in the re-birth of the popularity of this dance.

Heir to the true tango tradition handed… Read More

Daniel Garcia, known as El Flaco Dany, is an icon for milonga con traspie all over the world. He has been dancing tango for more than 60 years, and has extensive teaching experience of tango salon & milonga in various countries in the last 20 years, many of them in the company… Read More

Erica & Adrian

Erica Boaglio and Adrián Aragón are the creators, choreographers, directors and producers of their own shows other than being the stars. They underline the refined, fresh style their company “Pasiones Company” has.They have done, over the course of their careers as dancers and choreographers, important works of both national and… Read More

Omar is an exceptional and gifted dancer, a passionate milonguero and folklorista. Born in Entre Ríos he started his professional career in Buenos Aires when, at age 16, hearing of the dance master Santiago Ayala, “El Chúcaro”, he discovered his mentor and spiritual father.

“El Chúcaro” and Norma Viola invited Omar to join… Read More

Sebastian Acosta – Professional dancer of Argentine Tango and Jazz. Jazz Studies : Noemi Coelho, Rodolfo Olguin, Sonia Rubba, Manuel Vallejos, among others. Working in the company of Modern Jazz Noemi Coelho and Rodolfo Olguin. Tango Studies: Roberto Herrera, Jorge Torres, Claudio Gonzalez , Gustavo Naveira. He coached showmatch performing choreography of… Read More

EZEQUIEL, multifaceted dancer, his dancing is so versatile, super creative and effortless, incorporating all styles in one of his own, always with lots of grace and natural elegance.

With vast international career touring the world appearing in the most welknown Tango Festivals worldwide, Ezequiel partnered some of the leading female tango dancers such… Read More

Juan Manuel Acosta had a complete dance training having studied in best renowened institutes both for Contemporary dance and tango. His career as a Tango dancer and performer extend to performing with the best dance productions and touring the world performing on the most important stages. He is also a great teacher… Read More