Performance Group Course

Welcome to our PERFORMANCE GROUP COURSE 2019 starting February 2nd;

It’s going to be lots of energy, fun and much more than just social dancing.

- take your Tango dancing to the next level and learn an exciting formation routine;
- meet new friends and join our adventurous dancing family;
- learn the art of stage performance;
- perform in front of a friendly and appreciative audience
- improve posture, expression and musicality, lead and follow skills.
Raquel and assistants team will accompany you through this process with close up guidance and support.

During 2019 we will have several presentations in different occasions and venues.

The course is open to anyone with intermediate level and up. You can sign in alone or with partner.


SATURDAY’s 12:30-14:30 @ OASIS from February 2nd
Full Schedule:
FEBRUARY // 02 Feb; 09 Feb, 16 Feb
17 Feb 15:00 – 17:00 @ LA DIVINA

MARCH // 02 March ; 16 March ; *30 March (TBC)
17 March 15:00 – 17:00 @ LA DIVINA

APRIL // 06 April; 13 April; 20 April
14 April 15:00 – 17:00 @ LA DIVINA
*Last rehearsal date TBC

SHOW TIME/ 26-28 April ; 5-7 July 2019 and more

The course is starting on 2nd of February for 12 sessions of 2 hours each.
PLEASE NOTE: If you feel you need more help to improve, we will be running additional rehearsals on Thursday evenings and occasionally Sunday at La DIVINA. You also have an option to request private lessons at your convenience to catch up with the choreography and technique.

32 ended street
London WC2H 9AG

CHOREOGRAPHER: Raquel Greenberg

PARTNERING: You don’t need a partner to sign up for the course, but if you join as a couple you can dance together. Partnering will be decided based on the dance abilities and height.

REQUIREMENTS: You need to be at least an Intermediate level dancer. Commitment is very important to ensure you make the most out of your dancing and time invested and to keep the high standard of the performance group. You should not miss more than two rehearsals in the training period.

COSTUMES: Costumes will be discussed with the group and the teacher. You will buy your costumes and you will keep them.

FEE: The course is £240. The payment could be split into two. Cost of the costumes will be confirmed in the due course and discussed with the group.

Please get in touch with any questions.SEND US EMAIL TO SIGN IN: // 07552448543

Watch our latest students performance below.


performance group course