Fantastic body workout and Sensuality focus

The Follower role in Tango is a whole world of being constantly perceptive to subtle signals from the leader and reacting with presence and expression. In order to fine tune this magic body conversation within the improvisation and the tango embrace, special classes dedicated to the follower role are held. In these tango classes we build up a solid stylish technique going through all the necessary elements such as posture, balance control, relaxation of legs, strengthening the supporting leg and the core, stylish the footwork, spiral and circular movement, decorations etc..

In every workshop we work on different aspect and topics of the Follower Role in Tango and cover:

* Improve your following skills
* Technique workout
* Musicality

Ladies Tango Technique workshops are based on a unique method Raquel has developed based on her own experiences through the years as a dancer and in particular as a tango dancer. Teaming up with a variety of dancers including Junior Cervila, Pablo Veron and others; studying and dancing with the most marking maestros of both traditional and the modern tango; living in Buenos Aires and being close to the older generation of tango dancers (as they took her under their wing and shared with her their wisdom and stories) — all together led her to develo her own personal perception and style. A special emphasis on effective analysis of body movements and musicality to reach a fluid, smooth, expressive, sensual and musical dance.

The goal of these tango workshops is to give you tools to improve your technique and your following skills in order to boost your enjoyment of the dance, to feel more comfortable, confident, present, having fast and precise reactions to the lead, enjoying fluidity and elasticity in your dance. Bring elegance, grace, musicality, aesthetic lines, presence and expression to your dance!

Individual workout, no need for partner for all levels. Classes are open to leaders (many similar technique issues for leaders and followers plus understanding better the follower moves to make you a better leader). It is recommendable to attend these workshops on a regular basis.

Shoes – Please bring both practice shoes (like jazz/ballet shoes or soft split sole sneakers) and normal tango shoes with heels.


“Definitely one of the best teachers I’ve ever encountered. She was exceptional in teaching not only figures, but also the principles of how these figures are mere creative insertions in the context of other basic figures…”
Erika, Vancouver

“I feel I learned more than all the other classes together the last year. Hope to see you and work with you again when you’re back!”
Judith Wellner

“That was an AWESOME followers’ technique class, Raquel. I loved those planeo-enrosque-caracia-lapiz exercises. And you provide such perfect examples it is difficult to forget!”
Sly Remington Masters, Seattle

“You are a modern master of dance who has arrived at your own style. You fuse the long graceful linearity of traditional salon with some aspects of modern nuevo, but more importantly; you inject an originality that it is completely your own. This is the unique ‘Raquel style’!”
Dough, SF

“Many good dancers don’t really know how to teach well… but, you are so great! I love your teaching technique.”
Sylvie Mytienne, DC

“Thank you so much for arranging the workshops with Raquel Greenberg. She is an amazing instructor who provided great information on the connection between the man and woman and key tips to improve lead and follow skills.”
Peter and Cathy Knowlton

“There was clear explanation, ample time to drill, and lots of individual feedback to everyone. She has cast a spell upon the entire Bay Area tango community.”
San Francisco

“Thank you for an excellent learning experience in your “Ladies Technique” workshop this afternoon!”
Marc Sfqueertanguero


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