LADY LEADERS COURSE – 15/05/2014 and 22/05/2014

news18It’s Leading Time! Lady Leaders course is Back!
Experiment the other role to empower your dance

MAY 15th, 22nd, 8-10pm

The only place where you can learn solid leading skills for Ladies to boost your enjoyment on the dance floor and to open your eyes reflecting your dance as a follower. Sessions will be 1h30 followed by 30 min Practica. We have two dates in May for now and more to come. It is recommendable to do all or most sessions as we progress.

For experienced followers only!

LA Fitness Marylebone | 7 Balcombe St. | London NW1 6NA
3 min walk from Baker Street or Marylebone tube station

Pre-registration – £15 per session On the day – £18 / 07552448543

This women’s only course, offers a better understanding of each role by introducing leader skills to the intermediate/advanced follower.

We will cover connection, embrace, musicality, and basic movements and technique (i.e. walking, ochos, giros) and than at a later stage some Milonga.

Reasons to join this course:

If you are a follower and you are keen to learn how to lead (you must be an intermediate/advanced follower)

Developing a better understanding of the Lead and Follow mechanism comunication in Tango, empower your dance and making you more confident dancer.

Knowing what you need to do in order to lead, you may also reflect on what you need to do to properly in the follower role.

The workshop learning environment is only open to women so that no need to deal with male mentalities, physique, and/or untrained following. It is an all-women’s class, not a lesbian tango class, and all sexual orientations are welcome.

The workshops will include ongoing discussions regarding empowerment of the dancer, strategies to enjoying a tango event, and the expression of art and music from another view.

Teacher: Raquel Greenberg – 22 years teaching experience of couple dancing (16 Tango), teaching by herself both roles in Tango for at least 8 years, dancing and teaching with top of the line different styles male tango dancers. Precise analyse of body movement and indications, as well as personal insights from own experience are guaranteed
(joining visiting teacher TBA).