Eugenia Yanick 2.001-001

We are proud to host an exciting TOP COUPLE TANGO ARTISTS at our academy for an exclusive series of workshops and performances.

ABOUT Eugenia @ Yanick
Eugenia Parrilla and Yanick Wyler are one of the most innovative and profound dance couples of our time. They were a couple for over a decade before they decided to unite their talent and experience and dance together professionally.
Eugenia’s foundation lies in classical ballet and contemporary dance as well as studies in music and fine art.
With her precise technical analysis she developed and defined todays Tango as partner of Mariano ‘Chicho’ Frumboli, Ezequiel Farfaro and Pablo Inza.
Yanick studied industrial design and worked as a cabinetmaker while dancing hip hop and ballroom.
He moved to Buenos Aires committing to a vast study of tango dance and developing his pedagogics.
All these experiences have led them to a unique perspective and sensibility that allows for their excellence as much in technique as in their strong expressional improvisations. With a particular sensibility for the music and a poetic and sensual connection they developed their attractive, perspicacious and dynamic dance.

Both certified teachers of Gyrotonic© and Gyrokinesis© they keep investigating the human movement and share their insight in their generous and fun teaching:
”We focus on the awareness of the posture and on finding lines of opposition in our body structure. This enhances the functionality of our own movements allowing us to work in an autonomous and relaxed way but also in a better connection to our dance partner.
The classes are designed for couples and consist of a series of exercises and applications. We will be using sequences with different elements, adapting the embrace to each movement and always returning to a comfortable close embrace.
Our goal is to transmit information, techniques and tools that will help you to discover and develop your personal Tango.”



Class 19:00-20:30
Performance 22:00

Shoreditch Town Hall, 380 Old street EC1V 9LT
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Class 19:00-20:30
Performance 22:00

4 Wild Court, London WC2B 4AU
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SATURDAY Nov 22nd, 3-8pm @YMCA Central

Int: Suspensions with change of dynamic
This class works with a different and more understandable aproach to simple colgadas and volcadas. Without too much effort nor disturbing the dance flow we can explore the nice sensation of being temporarily out of axis or changing the timing in different elements.

Int: Creative use of the double time in the turns
After establishing the few codes of the turn, we will use that knowledge to work on examples, where we can make use of the double time; wether in linear turns, planes or quick repetitions.

Int/Adv: dynamic combinations – Ganchos, sacadas & boleos.
In this class we are analyzing a simple sequences and then increase complexity by adding elements in different variations. This class is aimed at developing our technical understanding and improving our skills of improvising.

Ymca Central, 112 Great Russell St, London WC1B 3NQ
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SUNDAY Nov 23rd, 3-6:15pm @YMCA Central

Adv: Advanced Bloqueos (Blocks/Traps) (with gauchos & boles)
We will work on the technique of linear bloqueos (blocks/traps) in various, also unusual positions and then combine them with interesting elements, adding surprise and virtuosity to our dance

Adv: Slow motion and abrazo invertido (inverted embrace).
Developing a more constant connection of embrace we are able to move in a slower and denser quality, which allows for a beautifull contrast to dynamic movements. Using this tool we can also change the structure of the embrace without loosing the connection in the couple and produce visually remarkable new elements.

Ymca Central, 112 Great Russell St, London WC1B 3NQ
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PRICES – Saturday/Sunday workshops

Individual booking
£25 One workshop
£45 Two workshops
£65 Three workshops
£90 Four workshops
£110 Five workshops

couple booking
£45 One workshop
£80 Two workshops
£120 Three workshops
£170 Four workshops
£200 Five workshops

***10% discount for REGULAR RG Academy students.

BOOKING: CONTACT // 07552448543

Y&E TTMS Berlin 2014 2/2 from ywyler on Vimeo.

Y&E Loca!!! Berlin 2014, 4/4 from ywyler on Vimeo.