End of Year Tango Booster with Esteban Moreno & Raquel Greenberg

December 27th-30th, 2014


We are proud and honored to host charismatic teacher and stylish dancer Esteban Moreno at our academy.

We have tailor made for the third edition of End of the year Tango Booster a versatile rich program including workshops, lecture and practicas with our world-class guest artist Esteban Moreno Read More

Dance 2014 away with us!

Looking forward to seeing you and share with you more wonderful moments with Style and Fun.



SATURDAY DEC 27th 1-8pm / 3 Workshops + Practica
*1-2:30pm Technique preparation (all level)
organization of body and preparation for the movements we will explore over the booster days

*we recommend to take this workshop as base for any of the other workshops you wish to attend.

2:45-4:15pm Traditional Versus Modern “Nuevo” I

4:30-6pm Traditional Versus Modern “Nuevo” II
What was or is “Tango Nuevo”? What is “Traditional” – understanding some processes through experimenting of movements.
Traditional tango elements and what are they: La caminata, la pisada, el abrazo…
Modern tango elements and what are they: flexible embrace, out of axis: colgadas & volcadas, giradas, soltadas…

6-8pm Practica – Music selection by Esteban, we dance with you, we assist you, we talk with you – a space and time to practice your Tango with the pros.

SUNDAY DEC 28th 1-6:30pm / 2 Workshops + Talk + Practica
1-3:30pm Giros combinations – how to use sacadas, planeo, polish the start and the finish of a giro.

3:45-4:15pm All you wanted to know about Amazing Boleos
Technique, musicality, coordination.

**4:15-5:45 Talk – Music for Dancing / by Esteban Moreno
What produces the mystery of the sounds we dance to….it is not only about Rhythm or melody….
Esteban will go through the elements composing the mystery of the tango musical texture, what orchestra tipica means and what is the process to to get to the music for dancing. A fascinating talk is guaranteed.

**We recommend the ones who are doing Monday workshops to take this workshop too.

5:45-6:30pm Practica

MONDAY DEC 29th 1-6:30pm / 3 Workshops + Practica
Musicality in the dance – open ears and adapt the moves

1-2:30pm The mystery of good musicality in your dance with only a few nice steps

2:45-4:15pm Interpretation of the vareity of marking Bands (Pugliese, Troilo, Darienzo, Biagi, or Calo,Tanturi) Adapting a sequence to the 3 grand groups of bands

4:30-6pm – Tango Milonguero Style

6-6:30 Practica

TUESDAY DEC 30th 1-6:30pm / 2 Workshops + Practica
Milonga Vs. Vals

1-2:30pm Milonga – Playful sequences for the dance floor

2:45-4:15pm – Vals – Playful sequences for Vals

4:30-6pm – Practica (with much Milonga and Vals:)

6-6:30 Practica

YMCA Central
112 Great Russell street
London WC1B 3NQ
(Tottenham Court Road tube)


One workshop and up to 2 workshops – £20 each
3-7 workshops – £18 each workshop
7-9 workshops – £15 each workshop
Lecture by Esteban Moreno – £8
GOLD PASS – All Booster – 10 Workshops + Lecture + Practicas – £130

All prices include Practica time on the day you come.
If you come only to Practica on Saturday or Tuesday – £5

To book please contact: