Pablo Veron 2

Pablo Veron is the creator of a unique style of tango that has won him the respect and admiration of tango dancers worldwide. Graceful and precise with a strong dynamic energy, he is recognized for being instrumental in the re-birth of the popularity of this dance.

Heir to the true tango tradition handed down by the great Argentine masters and an unparalleled creative force in his own right, Pablo is considered by many to be a true link between the old and new generations.

Pablo started his professional career in 1986, performing in musical comedies such as Evita, Cabaret, and Sweet Charity as well as in various other tap and tango revues. In 1991, he began teaching tango and moved to Paris where choreographed and performed in numerous theatre productions. In 1997, Pablo choreographed and starred in the film “The Tango Lesson” by Sally Pottter. In autumn 1999, he was re-invited to perform in the Tony award winning Broadway producion of “Tango Argentino”.

Pablo’s performance in the film ranks among the very finest tango performances on celluloid ever and is quoted the inspiration of many tango dancers around the world. He also stars in “The Man Who Cried” along side with Johnny Depp as well as appearances in “Assassination Tango” film by Robert Duval and many other important films.
Pablo continues to act/dance and choreograph in various film and theatre productions.

Proud to share his talent and experience, he travels constantly, teaching tango worldwide.

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“The best dancer in the world.” -Journal Libération, Paris

“Veron is such a smooth, anti-cliche dancer, that one wonders if the un-initiated even appreciate the technical mastery he exhibits. His kind of understatement and subtlety is what we appreciate in great artists of any genre.”

“To be clear, it’s been a while since I had seen such generosity on the part of a “star” teacher. Besides the fact that Pablo did not count the hours, the richness and completeness of his classes was especially amazing.”

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