Julio learned his first tango steps from his father, the legendery Miguel Balmaceda, and for many years he accompanied and assisted him in tango practices. After his father’s death in 1991, Julio took over the classes at the most prestigious tango schools in Bs. As.: “Canning”, “Grisel”, “El Parakultural”, “Almagro, and “La galleria del tango”. Nowadays Julio has the honor of being considered one of the youngest “milongueros” in Buenos Aires. 
He was the first young teacher who kept on researching tango and
its training without losing the connection with the tango essence of the old milongueros and salon dancers. He is not only a born tango dancer but also intuitive. He is well known worldwide as well as in Argentina due to his naturalness, quality and musicality that make his dance and his walk a synonym of Tango. In 1993 together with Omar Viola he opened the Parakultural. In 1995 he was invited to participate in the Film “Evita” by Alan Parker.


About Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa
They are one of the great Tango teachers worldwide. They have been in great demand for many years for teaching, and they have danced at all the major festivals in the world.
Elegance, sensuality, enthusiasm and a strong presence characterize both their dance and their teaching.Their tango style is unique, and their technique is refined and articulate.
The reflection and thoughtfulness apparent in their dancing combine superbly with the deeply felt emotion.
This is Dance in its essence and greatness!
No other couple can bring you so close to the intimacy and power of the Tango.
Their Tango style is especially at home in Salon Tango but, because of its expansive, sweeping.

JULIO & CORINA have been working together since 1996. They have created a unique style by leading new tango trends and adding the traditional elegance of the “tango salón”. They combine fluency, subtlety, energy and dynamics, together with a unique interpretation of the music. As experts in “tango vals” and “tango salón”, they have performed in countless scenarios worldwide. They were the soloist couple of the Color Tango Orchestra . In 1998, they took part of the successful Broadway production Forever Tango. Its cast was nominated for the “Tony Award” for “The Best Choreography”. In 1999, they were invited to dance at Carnegie Hall in New York, together with the virtuosos Gary Burton , Pablo Ziegler and Paquito D´ Rivera , to pay tribute to the master Astor Piazzolla. They have been invited to participate as “masters” in the most prestigious Tango festivals in Europe, the USA and Japan. They have their own Tango school in Argentina, and they participate in all the events related to Tango promotion and broadcasting in their country.