Juan Manuel Acosta 2Juan Manuel Acosta had a complete dance training having studied in best renowened institutes both for Contemporary dance and tango. His career as a Tango dancer and performer extend to performing with the best dance productions and touring the world performing on the most important stages. He is also a great teacher and a fantastic fun and friendly person to work with.

Artistic Debut:
▪ (2003- 2005) Contemporary dance company: “Tiempo de Tango”- London, England. UK Tour.
▪ (2004) “The Boheme” Royal Albert Hall. – London, England.

Artistic Studies:
▪ (1998- 2002) School of Tango: Rodolfo Dinzel – Buenos Aires.
▪ (2002- 2004) Contemporary Art School :”The Place” – London, England.
▪ (2005- 2006) Ballet and contemporary dance school : “Arte XXI” Buenos Aires Argentina.

Buenos Aires Tango Houses:
▪ (2005- 2012) Taconeando, Sr. Tango, Esquina Carlos Gardel.
▪ At the moment working for Tango Porteño.

Tango Companies:
▪ (2005- 2006) Tango x 2 ” Su Historia” Directed by Miguel Angel Zotto.
▪ (2006) Tango Kinesis “Bodas de un niño Rey” (Wedding of a boy King) – Palace of Versalles, Paris-France. Directed by Ana Maria Stekelman and Alfredo Arias.

▪ (2008- 2011) Tango Pasión. Directed by Hector Zaraspe. France, England, Portugal, Germany, Russia, Finland, Romania, Switzerland, Greece, Etc.
▪ (January- April 2012) Sexteto Fabio Hager. Japan