Erica and Adrian2Erica & Adrian

Erica Boaglio and Adrián Aragón are the creators, choreographers, directors and producers of their own shows other than being the stars. They underline the refined, fresh style their company “Pasiones Company” has.They have done, over the course of their careers as dancers and choreographers, important works of both national and international level, that charmed the audience with their perfomances thus getting the respect and recognition of the international press.

Ever since 1994, they have been going through the stages of the world, taking their own productions or taking part in first level Tango companies. This is the way they travel, from Argentina to Canada, from Portugal to Hong Kong, making over 2000 performances on the best stages in the world and creating film choreographies for important singers with a worldwide reputation.

At present , their productions “Pasiones- Tango and Musical”, “Instinto- Tango and Musical” and “Divino Tango” have overcome 300.000 spectators despite the short time these creations have been on. This is allowing the expansion of Pasiones Company towards new markets that are willing to share this wonderful experience of argentine energy and art.

About Pasiones Company

It was created on October 15th, 2003 by Erica Boaglio and Adrián Aragón, and it is the result of over 25 years of individual career and almost 15 of proffessional activity toghether. The need to tell their own stories led them to the creation of this company, which is gifted with first level international artists.

The company aims at comfronting the shows in a completely different way and with a unique style. Pasiones Tango and Musical is the clear reflection of a renewed way of seeing the Argentinian dancing. For the very first time, Tango and Folklore merge and interlace in perfect harmony without breakage. It gets the spectator to live emotions that take him to the pure heart of Argentina.

Pasiones Company is, undoubtedly, the reference of tango of the beggining of this new century. This is the way the international press looks at it. The press thought over its uniqueness as well as the good structuring of the show but, above all, it is a reflection of the present Argentina with its successes and miseries.